Cloudlas Office 365 Add-In Privacy Policy

Cloudlas Solutions L.L.P. Policies
        This is the privacy policy statement of the Office 365/SharePoint Add-Ins developed by Cloudlas Solutions LLP which are available in the office store as SharePoint add-ins category. We may publish more Add-ins or upgrade the existing add-ins. Any future changes happening in the privacy policy statement will be notified in the home page of our official website and in the home page of the add-ins according to the nature of the add-in.
        Office 365 add-ins developed by Cloudlas solutions reside in your office 365 tenant application or in the Microsoft azure platform licenced to Cloudlas Solutions LLP. We will explicity notify, if any add-in is hosted in any servers outside the office 365 tenant. Please see the specifics of the privacy policy statement
  • We do not collect any organizational or personal information of the host tenant and its users.
  • We do not connect your environment with any third party services or apps through our apps and services.